Prayer and Praises 

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New Harvest Baptist Church values the practice of prayer and fellowship in the trials of life.

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"Worship the Lord with gladness; Come before Him with joyful songs"
-Psalm 100:2 NIV


  • Lucy Pearson is 2 year cancer free

  • Cooler weather and relief of humidity

  • Sharon Reed here today after falling

  • New Chairs for us to use during services

  • Sunday School started back today in person at 9:45

  • Gathering of people in God's house

  • Discussions and having a voice

  • For the Bible as the instruction book how to live our lives

  • That we were able to do 16 school bags with 22 items in each and items for teachers at Towne Pointe Elementary School





Prayer for Tom Pearson as not doing well

Bill and Catherine David's son-in-law is coming home today from hospital

The Southern Baptist Send Relief Teams that are helping in Louisiana

Jim McBride had a test last Friday and another one this Wednesday and procedure on September 22nd.

Prayer for John Holdren, friends of Havens, as he has his date for quadruple heart surgery for September 20th. Wife, Sylvia, is very nervous and uneasy with all the waiting.

Prayer for Valerie Pryor's father, Paul, and brother, Mark, as both in the hospital.

Prayer for our upcoming Town Hall meeting

Prayer for the MD/DE State Mission Offering

Prayer for the 80 church that are damaged in New Orleans due to Ida

Prayer for all the states affected due to Hurricane Ida

Prayer for Afghanistan and the Christians still there

Our government leaders decisions

Military sacrifices in their lives and time doing their duty 

Missionary sacrifices in all that they do as serving Go

-Co-worker of Jeff Coe's had covid and quarantined and is still testing positive.

--Joshua Coe as he prepared for his drivers license in a few months

--Country and what we are going through right now

--Revival to happen in our nation

--Cathy Pindzola as doctor took off medicine and now sore/stiff and this will be like this until next blood test

--Christine Cosgrove unspoken

--Gary Cosgrove's friend, Joe, as got moles off and now some coming back and there is a question on cancer

--Charles Blue with upcoming medical appointments every week

--Cathy Pindzola as she drives Gloria Underwood to her doctor appointment in Wednesday in Philadelphia

--Doug Petersen to heal after carpal tunnel surgery last Friday

--Lucy Pearson's husband, Tom, as not doing well and continually getting worse. Driving has been taken from him.

--Pastor Jim with upcoming procedure September 22.

--Prayer meeting to start back this week on Wednesday and back to Bible study after this so that we can continue our learn and relationship with God

--Prayer for John Holdren, friends of Havens, as he has his date for quadruple heart surgery for September 20th. Wife, Sylvia, is very nervous and uneasy with all the waiting.

--Louise Haven's son's father-in-law father, Ray Floriollia, who was in bad car accident and in hospital for a long stay. 

--Valerie Pryor's father is back at home and having to adjust again to this.

--Andrew and Amy Secrist safety as they travel back home and their work that they are doing in Baltimore

--Military members as scattered through out the world giving of their lives to protect us.

--Families who lost loved ones in the Afghanistan issues for their continued comfort

--Political leaders that their hearts stirred and searched for wisdom from God's word.

"Rejoice always! Pray constantly. Give thanks in everything, for this God's will for you in Christ Jesus." 

- 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 HCSB